Fans speculate possible meeting between Napoli and Conte, but caution advised – PHOTOS

Alessandro Buongiorno is currently being eyed by Napoli.

A purported photo of the Torino defender with Antonio Conte has been circulating on social media, sparking a wave of speculation.

From Twitter to Facebook and Instagram, the football corners of social media platforms are abuzz with this news.

A single (alleged) photo, which quickly went viral, has set the rumour mill into overdrive.

However, caution is warranted despite the whirlwind of excitement.

“A photo on social media is not a confirmation of a transfer,” said a source close to Napoli, according to Twitter rumours.

Fans have reacted with mixed emotions, with some expressing enthusiasm over the potential addition of Buongiorno to Napoli’s defence.

Others, however, urge for patience and await official announcements.

Napoli and Torino have yet to release any statements regarding this prospective transfer.

As the transfer window looms, football enthusiasts will undoubtedly keep a close eye on how this story develops.

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