Fabregas: I found a project at Como that goes beyond the playing field and victories

Cesc Fabregas, technical collaborator for Como, has shared insight on his project with the Lombard club in an interview with Sky Sports UK.

Fabregas expressed that Como presented a fantastic opportunity for him to transition from his storied football career into coaching. “I’m very happy to have chosen this project. Everything happened a bit faster than I expected. My initial plan was to play for two more years, however, I ended up only playing for one.” he told Sky Sports UK. In the interview, he also expressed his excitement about his decision to become a coach, a career he now invests numerous hours into, especially due to his perfectionism.

The former footballer also revealed his ambition for the club’s future. He stated it’s a project that goes beyond the pitch and victories, aiming to improve every aspect of the club, such as its facilities, particularly now as they have moved to a new training centre.

The Spanish former athlete admitted the football club also is focusing on the stadium situation and looked forward to investing in it. He expressed the collective wish of the club to create a solid foundation to aim higher and grab every opportunity they come across in future.

Fabregas significantly mentioned the important role Dennis Wise had played in this project, confessing that he was at the club due to what Wise conveyed about the project. The details of Wise’s involvement in influencing Fabregas’s decision were not elaborated upon in the interview with Sky Sports UK.

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