Fabiani praises Guendouzi: If he runs, Lazio runs too; soon back in National team

Lazio’s sporting director, Fabiani, has praised Mattéo Guendouzi’s recent performances in an interview with French media outlet L’Equipe.

Fabiani was quoted as saying: “By the second day, he already seemed like a true Roman. He’s very good at covering the field, but he’s also good at moving the ball, in addition to being a box-to-box player. He’s a complete player, mentally fresh, who plays with a certain carefreeness.”

Guendouzi, the Lazio centre-midfielder, has been lauded for his versatility and maturity.

Fabiani continued, suggesting the Frenchman’s return to international football won’t take long. He suggested that Guendouzi’s energy is directly linked to the team’s performance. He further stated, without quoting directly, that when Guendouzi runs, Lazio runs and conversely, when he doesn’t, Lazio doesn’t. Fabiani wrapped up by expressing that Guendouzi is exceptionally active on the field.

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