Everton fans protest after -10 score: Accusations of corruption protecting the few, not the many

Everton has been hit with a 10-point deduction following financial irregularities amounting to an overspend of roughly £20m; the club’s losses stood at £124.5m, surpassing the allowed figure of £105m. This decision has dealt a blow to Sean Dyche’s men, who are already engaged in a tough battle for survival.

Everton fans expressed their discontent ahead of their game against Newcastle, voicing their protest. Signs bearing the Premier League logo and the words “Protecting the few, not the many” could be seen all around the stadium.

Another banner, significantly larger, read: “Where there is power, greed, and money, there is corruption”. The Everton fans’ protest signals growing disillusionment among supporters.

While other big guns like Manchester City and Chelsea are also at risk, the punishment dealt to the Toffees currently stands alone.

The Everton fans’ demonstration provided some striking images, illustrating the growing sense of frustration at the club. As of now, it remains to be seen how this points deduction will impact the team’s performance in the ongoing Premier League season.

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