Evani on Italy: National team rebuilt with Mancini

Alberico Evani, an Italian youth team coach and collaborator with Roberto Mancini during the European Championship, gave a detailed account about his team selection and performance at the U20 European Championship. This interview was held with Gianlucadimarzio.com.

On the matter of the U20 Italian squad, Evani stated, “We could have had a stronger team, Chiesa and Locatelli were missing, but we still managed to reach a high level.” He sang praise for Barella, who stood out among the players to him and stated, “Easy to say now, but it was already clear that he had everything. A modern player, who knows how to attack and defend, and though he doesn’t have a great physical structure, always manages to hold his own.”

Regarding Roberto Mancini, the coach’s support during the European Championship, Evani said, “We did start with some difficulties. Many had reached the end of their Azzurri’s cycle. There were youngsters with great prospects and we started again with them. Mancini found a style of play that would put the available players in the best possible conditions.”

The source of these quotes is the interview conducted by Italian website, Gianlucadimarzio.com. Evani’s remarks reflect both the challenges and successes he’s experienced as part of his collaboration with Mancini and the young Italian squad.

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