Eriksson: I have cancer, I have at most one year to live

Former Lazio coach, Sven-Goran Eriksson, has revealed his serious health condition in a recent interview with Swedish Radio P1.

Eriksson shared the moment he found out about his health issues, saying, “I collapsed suddenly while running”. The doctors diagnosed him with a stroke, and a previously unknown tumour was also discovered.

Despite the diagnosis, the former Lazio boss remains resilient. He expressed his fear of his condition being cancerous, which later proved to be correct. However, Eriksson is determined to battle his illness, possibly for the year or more he has been given.

He said, “I feared it was cancer, and I wasn’t wrong. But I’ll fight for as long as I have left, which might be a year – a little more in the best case. Since there’s no certainty, I might as well deceive my brain, stay positive, and not think about it”.

Eriksson was the coach of Lazio during Cragnotti’s era. His revelations about his health condition have starkly reminded his followers of the human aspect behind the game.

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