Empoli’s Corsi: Fiorentina admires Baldanzi, he’s like Di Natale

Fabrizio Corsi, Empoli’s president, has discussed the future of promising footballer Tommaso Baldanzi, in the run-up to the transfer market. Corsi confided in Corriere dello Sport on the eve of a significant match against Fiorentina.

Corsi stated, “I’m not focusing on when and who to sell him to, I’m solely focusing on the fact that he could potentially be a KEY player for us.” He revealed that Fiorentina appeared to have shown an interest in Baldanzi, but no discussions have taken place.

Corsi has watched Baldanzi progress since he was 10 or 11 years old and is particularly impressed by his mental maturity, likening it to that of a 30-year-old, not a 20-year-old. “Despite what his identification card might suggest,” he continued, “in more ways than one, Baldanzi appears more mature than his age. In addition, he is technically very talented.”

Corsi believes that Baldanzi still has potential for further development and acknowledges the areas where he could mature. He rates Baldanzi’s value as being comparable to that of Antonio Di Natale, whom they sold at 26 years old.

Reflecting on the relationships between Empoli and Fiorentina, Corsi remained fairly positive. “They have always been professional with us, even at Viola Park,” Corsi commented, “It wouldn’t be a concluded or thwarted negotiation that could change or destroy relationships.”

Commenting on another player, Parisi, Corsi spoke about his resilience and lack of fear of external factors. He concluded by praising Italiano, saying he had already made a considerable impact on the young player, boosting his quality.

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