Dynamo Zagreb Coach: Brekalo wants to return immediately

In recent press briefing, Sergej Jakirovic, head coach of Dinamo Zagabria, hinted at a potential transfer negotiation involving the return of Josip Brekalo from Fiorentina.

In his statement, Jakirovic said, “Brekalo? I will not hide it, he is a player I like. We are negotiating with Fiorentina, trying to reach an agreement. The young man is eager to play for me and I value him highly, both as a player and a professional. We’ll see what we can manage to do.”

The exact source of these comments was a recent press conference where Jakirovic revealed his intentions.

According to Jakirovic, there is an ongoing negotiation with Fiorentina over Brekalo’s return and it appears that both the player and the coach are keen on this potential reunion. However, there has been no confirmation regarding the completion or progress of this negotiation.

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