Dugarry lashes out at Mbappé: Hopes he leaves

Christophe Dugarry, the former French footballer, has heavily criticised Kylian Mbappé and commented on his future with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

Dugarry did not mince his words. In a statement, he said, “I’m tired of hearing nonsense every six months about his future club. He knows full well that for six months, the media will only talk about it.”

There seems a hint of frustration when he questioned, “Do you like being at the centre of the debate in these kind of situations? I don’t know.”

This frustration intensified as he added, “Every six months it seems to be ‘stay, he’s leaving’. I’m tired. I want Mbappé to embark on a club project and stop being a more personal project. I’m tired of hearing nonsense about his future club every six months. I’m tired. I don’t care, I don’t care anymore.”

In a remark exhibiting his exasperation, Dugarry concluded by saying, “I hope with all my heart that he leaves.”

The comments were not only a criticism of Mbappé’s seemingly undecided future but also a reflection of the speculative and often repetitive nature of football transfer news. While Dugarry has expressed his opinions freely, it remains to be seen what direction Mbappé’s career will take.

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