Dossena expresses an emotional farewell to Cagliari fans, saying he gave his all for the team.

Alberto Dossena has officially bid farewell to Cagliari fans in a heartfelt message posted on Instagram, marking the end of his tenure with the club as he prepares to embark on a new chapter with Como.

Before leaving, the defender expressed his gratitude to the city and its supporters, acknowledging the place Cagliari has held in his life over the last two seasons.

“Thank you, Cagliari, for being my home for two unforgettable years,” Dossena shared on his Instagram account. “I have grown both as a player and a person here.”

Dossena went on to reflect on the camaraderie and experiences that have shaped his time with the team, appreciating the support from fans and teammates alike.

“I will always cherish the moments we’ve shared and the encouragement you’ve given me,” he added. “Your passion and love for the game have been an inspiration.”

As he prepares for his move to Como, Dossena is optimistic about the future but remains deeply connected to the memories forged in Cagliari.

“Although it’s time for a new adventure, Cagliari will always hold a special place in my heart,” he concluded.

This heartfelt farewell demonstrates Dossena’s deep appreciation and respect for the Cagliari community as he transitions to the next phase of his footballing career.

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