Dionisi: Atalanta’s experience prevails over Sassuolo

Following a fallout against Atalanta in the Coppa Italia, Sassuolo’s coach, Alessio Dionisi, expressed his thoughts during a press conference.

Dionisi said, “In the first half, the boys played well, but we fell apart too soon in the second half. We stretched too far. We played with young players, who still need to mature. If winning at all costs had been our focus, I would have made different decisions”. He stated this while addressing the media after the match.

According to Dionisi, their performance was hampered by the extent to which they stretched themselves. He believes their relative inexperience may have tipped the scales in favour of Atalanta.

The coach went on to explain the current state of his team. He revealed that they have players who are pushing their limits and attempts are being made to hasten their recovery. Furthermore, he said that the upcoming league championship match is their main focus at this point, hinting that strategic considerations regarding the impending match could have influenced the decisions made for the Coppa Italia game.

All these comments came from Dionisi in the aftermath of a disappointing defeat for Sassuolo against Atalanta in the Cup of Italy.

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