Diletta Leotta: Inter superior but Juve has an edge for the Scudetto

Television presenter and journalist, Diletta Leotta, has offered her perspective on the Scudetto battle in Serie A, pointing to Inter Milan and Juventus as the current frontrunners.

Leotta, during an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport, shared her thoughts on the ongoing competition.

When asked about her Scudetto favourite, Leotta responded, “Inter’s squad is superior, but I believe that Juve has something extra this year.” Leotta’s comments to Gazzetta dello Sport suggest that while Inter Milan might be strong competitors, she sees a particular edge in Juventus.

She went on to note that cup competitions can drain energy, thus implying that the Turin giants might then be able to focus on the league exclusively.

Leotta also highlighted what she finds entertaining about what club executive, Marotta, terms “the game of dodgeball”, referring to the shifting responsibility over who needs to win. The term gives an insight into the playful competitiveness behind the intense Scudetto battle, providing a fascinating perspective on the race for Italy’s top football honour.

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