Di Vaio: Bologna has no limits. And on Motta’s future…

Marco Di Vaio, former striker and now executive at Bologna football club, has shared his insights about the state of the club with Italian sports newspaper, La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Without hesitation, Di Vaio confidently states, “Yes, we are overcoming our limitations.” He conveys a sense of cautious optimism, considering there have only been 17 games played so far, and there is still a long way to go.

Turning to Thiago Motta’s renewal, Di Vaio shares his desire for a long-term collaboration. The daily conversations and shared vision amongst the team have fostered a nurturing environment. He reinforces his prior statement, saying, “I have already said that we would like to continue with him in the long run and I reiterate it.” He strongly believes that Motta’s potential can thrive in Bologna, especially if they secure a place in the European leagues.

Despite budding interest in rising star Joshua Zirkzee, Di Vaio confirms, “No offers have been received. And we would not respond.” He lauds Zirkzee’s unique skills, describing him as a versatile forward but stressing the singularity of his skills.

Di Vaio’s words reflect the resilient spirit within Bologna, and his emphasis on collaboration and shared vision foreshadows a promising future for the club.

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