Di Lorenzo’s Splendid 2023 and Poor Christmas – Votes

Giovanni Di Lorenzo, Napoli’s captain and right back, has had a tough week before Christmas, marking a blip in an otherwise sterling 2023 season. The defending stalwart’s inconsistent form has affected the side’s performance, notably during the Coppa Italia match and a subsequent clash against Roma.

According to ‘Corriere dello Sport’, Di Lorenzo’s performance rated a below-par score of 5. They described his performance, saying, “He falters twice with Bove in two minutes, losing him in the area and then at 23′, enduring a collision but keeping steady on his right knee. He gets back into the game, but after the nightmare against Frosinone, he is also found wanting during Pellegrini’s goal.”

Meanwhile, Italian sports daily ‘Gazzetta’ was even more critical of the full-back’s display, giving him a harsh 4.5 rating. The publication was quoted as saying, “A regression maybe more evident than last season: he doesn’t construct, he doesn’t push, he doesn’t cross, he doesn’t defend. He succumbs meekly to Pellegrini who scores.”

Clearly, Di Lorenzo’s recent form could be a cause for concern at Napoli, with the typically reliable defender coming under heavy scrutiny for his performances.

These recent performances stand in stark contrast to the rest of an otherwise successful 2023 for Di Lorenzo, a year he would be hoping to finish on a relative high. However, the criticism he has received thus far might ultimately spur him on to getting back to his best form, which Napoli would surely welcome as they proceed into the latter stages of the season.

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