Di Francesco of Frosinone: We are not starting defeated against Lazio

Frosinone’s coach, Eusebio Di Francesco, has spoken to the press ahead of their match against Lazio.

Di Francesco insists his team won’t be mentally defeated when facing off against Lazio, a formidable team in a major stadium. “They have deficiencies just like we have inadequacies with our full backs. We need to change things based on our basic tactics,” he said.

He expressed the need to earn points after a string of losses. While not specifying that this would be their breakthrough game, Di Francesco declared, “We are going to Rome to try and win”. He acknowledged Lazio’s style of play and intensity, which leads the league, and urged his team to be very careful and effective when recovering the ball and constructing attacks.

However, he also pointed out that Frosinone have conceded several times with their defence in place, and they have been working on these mechanisms. Di Francesco stated, “What I fear? The high quality of their midfielders and forwards. They don’t have Immobile but Castellanos is very good and looks for refined solutions. He plays in the Champions League, he has had some difficulties, but he’s dangerous and we need to beware but without deviating from our philosophy.”

Discussing young players, Di Francesco noted the highs and lows of their performances. He used the example of 20-year-old Soulé, whose recent performance hasn’t been outstanding. However, Di Francesco stressed the importance of maintaining balance and not dropping their guard, especially with young players who can easily get overexcited or disheartened. “Everything goes through daily life and training,” he shared.

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