Di Francesco laments defeat, shifts focus to Atalanta

Frosinone’s head coach Eusebio Di Francesco voiced his thoughts to Mediaset following the recent Coppa Italia clash with Juventus.

While recognising the difference in prowess between the two teams, Di Francesco lauded his team’s efforts. In a post-match interview with Mediaset, he argued that despite the odds, Frosinone held their ground and illustrated their tenacity, especially in the first half.

“From my point of view, the first half went excellently. We showed we could keep up with the game,” he said. Di Francesco acknowledged that Juventus’ dominance was more evident as the match progressed, caused, in part, by some errors on Frosinone’s side, which turned the match in Juve’s favour.

Reflecting on the performance of his team, he said, “However, I think that this Frosinone deserves praise”. He underscored the need for Frosinone to shake off the defeat and shift focus onto their next fixture against Atalanta. The source of the direct quotes is from an interview Di Francesco gave to Mediaset after the game.

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