Derby, Parents of the Fan Who Lost His Ear: “Enough, Close the Stadiums”

The aftermath of the Coppa Italia derby is still being felt, both for what happened on the pitch and for the regrettable incidents recorded in the stands of the Stadio Olimpico. Lazio and Roma fans, located in the Tribuna Tevere and Curva Sud sections, were involved in the widespread throwing of torches and smoke bombs, inevitably tainting the Lazio-Roma match. Tragically, a young man even lost an ear, causing a great deal of anger among his parents.

The tension following the Lazio-Roma match continues to rattle the football world, amidst a predictable swarm of controversy. The worst hit appears to be a 27-year-old named Federico, who lost an ear in the escalating confrontations between Lazio and Roma supporters.

The parents of the young man, Alessandro and Antonella, have expressed their frustration and anger. “He lost an ear over a football match, he has some internal injuries,” they told the Repubblica. They further pointed out the severity of Federico’s condition, adding, “He probably won’t regain hearing in the right ear. They should close the stadiums, the matches should be watched at home, all of this is not acceptable.”

This incident provides a stark reminder of the damaging consequences that can arise when football rivalry spirals into violence. The repercussions of this derby will be felt long after the final whistle has blown, particularly for one young man and his family.

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