Delneri: Every Sunday, Juve seems more ready for the Scudetto

Former Juventus coach, Luigi Delneri, has shared his thoughts on the ongoing battle for the Serie A title.

Delneri signified his admiration for the current Juventus team: “I like them, for their temperament, group cohesion, and solidity. It’s a demonstration that football can also be played in such a way. There are these components that can lead to results.” It seems that Delneri believes Juventus is succeeding on merit, describing them as a “real team”.

Delneri suggested that Juventus seems to be increasingly prepared for the title battle every week, at least where competing with Inter Milan is concerned. Inter Milan, he said, has different characteristics with a consolidated structure, plays aggressive, proactive football, and has acquired confidence and identity.

“I think Simone Inzaghi is doing something exceptional,” Delneri continued. He praised Inzaghi for combining results with high-intensity gameplay, which at times is spectacular.

These comments were shared during his recent interview about the Serie A title race. Delneri seems positive about both Juventus and Inter Milan, bringing particular attention to their merits in terms of gameplay.

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