Decisive Against Big Teams: The Case of Antonio Candreva and Salernitana’s Paradox

Antonio Candreva, the gifted attacker for Salernitana, continues to demonstrate his knack for stepping up to the challenge against major sides, causing a bit of a paradox for the team.

The hypothesis is that in Salerno, even during festive periods, arduous work is being undertaken to accomplish the tricky task of remaining in Serie A. It’s understandable to anticipate they aim to earn points from teams in a similar position. Remarkable though it appears, the team’s most productive scorer and assist leader, Antonio Candreva, tends to shine brightest against the more formidable opponents.

Candreva kicked off the season with two goals against Roma, struck a blow against Lazio and most recently scored against Milan last Friday, contributing towards a total of five points. This particular detail offers an intriguing paradox, considering the team has only gathered nine points so far this season.

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