De Zerbi reportedly initiates first contacts with Bayern Munich?

New affirmations are emerging about Bayern Munich’s interests in Roberto De Zerbi. Bayern Munich’s director of football, Max Eberl, has reportedly had a meeting with the technician.

Following the initial rumours last night, there’s further evidence today stating that Bayern Munich has a serious interest in Roberto De Zerbi. As reported by Relevo and echoed by BILD, the Bayern Munich’s director has not just expressed interest but has also been in talks with De Zerbi.

“Eberl recently held a meeting with De Zerbi to discuss the possibilities,” states the report from BILD. This direct quote suggests that Eberl is indeed invested in potentially bringing De Zerbi to the Bundesliga.

However, it is worth mentioning that these are merely speculations as no official statement or announcement has been made by Bayern Munich or De Zerbi on this matter yet. The fans of the Bavarian giants will have to wait with bated breath if they wish to see the Italian technician at the helm.

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