De Sanctis: I Was Wrong Not to Let Go of Dia After 16 Goals, Salernitana will Survive

Salernitana’s sporting director, Morgan De Sanctis, has given a comprehensive analysis of the club’s current situation. The club sits at the bottom of the league table with a mere 8 points and has already made significant changes, including appointing Filippo Inzaghi in place of former coach Paulo Sousa. De Sanctis expressed his vitals thoughts in an interview with the Corriere dello Sport.

On the subject of salvation, De Sanctis remains optimistic saying, “We have a squad that is no less than the four-five teams we are competing with for survival”.

Discussing Paulo Sousa’s meeting with De Laurentiis, De Sanctis said, “It was all lawful, but as President Iervolino maintained, the relationship with Sousa became tainted at that moment. Initially, we were the ones that allowed only 1.25 goals per match under him, scored 1.43, and claimed 21 points in 16 matches. However, that beneficial mechanism broke down, which was evident in the three points in eight potentially favourable games, the injuries, and the toxic press conferences also complicated the environmental management”.

De Sanctis admitted that the failure to release Dia was a mistake. “It seems so now. In fact, some might even ask, why recruit him? But he was our primary forward, scoring sixteen goals behind Osimhen and Lautaro Martinez. Then on the last day of the market, when we couldn’t have done anything to replace him even if we wanted to, an unacceptable and offensive offer came from England for a loan. What would people think of us, or me, if I had done that deal?”

Regarding club President Iervolino, De Sanctis said, “How could a manager be satisfied with such results? But I have always felt confidence through our daily discussions. I cannot remember a day we didn’t speak. I value this relationship with a modern manager, who conveys useful strategies for the future. Like me, he believes we can make it through. However, the players should know it, especially the team leaders, we don’t have any more time. We are still not the team with 42 points.”

Speaing about the January transfers, De Sanctis commented, “Our owners are solid but want a sustainable footballing approach. The balance will be in deficit by June 30, this may not be the condition to approach the future. President Iervolino is an enlightened entrepreneur, gives purpose to investments and, as Salernitana itself says, he quickly reversed two years after his acquisition; he won’t back down. With this team, we can make it. I wouldn’t change my players with anyone else’s.”

Lastly, commenting on Inzaghi, De Sanctis revealed, “Pippo has brought his experiences to tackle an absurd situation: three points after eight extremely advantageous rounds. His work starts to take shape but needs support. The players should absorb his energy, and the fantastic supporters, who like us, don’t intend to give up, must contribute.”

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