De Ketelaere: Team victory, possible revenge, pleased to be at Atalanta

Atalanta’s Belgian midfielder De Ketelaere has expressed his feelings post the Nerazzurri’s victory against Milan in the Coppa Italia.

Speaking to Mediaset after the triumphant match, De Ketelaere hailed the win as a ‘great victory and a great feeling’.

He highlighted the team’s collaborative efforts saying, “It was a team effort, we had a nice reaction after their goal.”

When asked if it was a personal revenge match for him, De Ketelaere dismissed the suggestions. “You could say that, but I don’t have that feeling. I try to win matches,” he explained his stance.

He added, “Criticism towards Milan? I have grown, we won today. I’m happy here, there’s still half the season left.”

Clearly, De Ketelaere has maintained a positive outlook on his team’s performance and the remainder of the season, while also emphasising the unity within the Atalanta squad.

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