De Biasi: Lucca should be highly regarded, an interesting prospect

Former Udinese coach, Gianni De Biasi, has shared his insights on the club’s performance this season with Messaggero Veneto.

De Biasi reflected on Udinese’s recent draw with Torino, which he viewed as unfortunate due to a cross that accidentally ended up in the net. He emphasised this isn’t the first time the club has lost vital points in the dying stages of a match. Former player under De Biasi, the current coach Cioffi, is well-aware of the situation and has the necessary resources to address it, according to De Biasi.

He told Messaggero Veneto, “Cioffi knows what needs to be done, and I always remember him as a very dedicated and attentive player, particularly with respect to his physical form.”

De Biasi had recently heard Cioffi’s commentary and was impressed by the importance he placed on the psychological aspect of the game and dialogue with the players.

He spoke highly of Lucca, calling him an exciting prospect who should be given as much game time as possible. “Lucca is an interesting prospect who has demonstrated his quality, even in Turin,” said De Biasi.

Looking forward, he anticipated an exciting duel in an upcoming match against Bologna, promising an emergence of talent in the likes of Zirkzee.

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