Cuadrado reportedly bids farewell to Inter, calling it the toughest year of his career and expressing gratitude to God.

Juan Cuadrado bids farewell to Inter with some regret, saying: “The most difficult year of my career.”

Yesterday marked a day of goodbyes at Inter, as the Milanese club parted ways with several players whose contracts have expired. Among them was former Juventus player Juan Cuadrado.

In a heartfelt social media letter, Cuadrado expressed his feelings about his departure from the club.

Cuadrado, reflecting on his time at Inter, stated: “This has been the most difficult year of my career.” He shared these sentiments on his official social media channels.

After joining Inter from Juventus, Cuadrado had hoped for a successful tenure with the Nerazzurri. However, the season proved challenging for the Colombian winger.

Inter, in an official statement, thanked Cuadrado and other departing players for their contributions to the club.

The club’s fans also took to social media to express their appreciation and well wishes for Cuadrado’s future endeavours.

With the end of the transfer window approaching, speculation and rumours about Cuadrado’s next move are rife, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

Cuadrado’s departure marks the end of an era for him at Inter, and his heartfelt goodbye underscores the emotional complexities of football transfers.

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