Coppa Italia, Deiola Admits: We Made Many Mistakes Against Milan

Following the match between AC Milan and Cagliari, which ended in a disappointing 4-1 defeat for the latter in the Italian Cup round of 16, player Deiola expressed his thoughts on the game during a post-match interview with Mediaset.

Deiola acknowledged the team’s approach during the match, saying, “Our focus was entirely on this match.” According to him, the team’s performance notably dropped in the second half. “After the goal, we made a number of mistakes and then we melted down in the second half, which is not good.”

He stressed the team’s initial play in the start of the game. “In the first 20-30 minutes, we were playing.” However, he admitted that the team needs to improve and focus on the upcoming match against Lecce. He referred to it as a “vital match for our journey”.

Reflecting on the defeat, Deiola expressed the need for improvement and a more concentrated focus in their upcoming games. He emphasized that their next match against Lecce is crucial to the team’s progress in the tournament. This sentiment reiterates the importance of learning and moving forward after a critical defeat.

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