Copenhagen’s Favola, Neestrup: Today no one can say this is “just” a second place

Jacob Neestrup, the Copenhagen football team coach, spoke to UEFA’s official microphones following a significant achievement in the Champions League group stage.

Neestrup expressed his belief in the team’s potential from the beginning of the competition. As quoted by UEFA, he stated, “We have always believed in ourselves. Today, nobody can say that this is ‘just’ a second place. It’s a fantastic second place. Without a doubt, we were the second-best team in six games in this group.”

Praising his players, he added, “I’m very proud of my players. I’m proud to be able to provide all the boys and girls in Copenhagen another fantastic experience at the beginning of 2024.”

Addressing the club’s performance, he shared, “The club deserves this… Actually, it’s difficult to find all the words.”

Jacob Neestrup was optimistic about the team’s prospects but also underscored the importance of their mindset. In his own words, “If we are able to surpass a group with Manchester United, Bayern Munich and Galatasaray, with three points on Galatasaray and four on United, then we also have the possibility to advance to the next round. If this is not our mindset, we will surely lose.”

The Copenhagen coach’s comments underscore the team’s successful performance and his ambitious outlook for future rounds.

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