Controversial Dest: Not harm for Milan, yet question marks over Pioli

Former Milan right-back Sergiño Dest has opened up about his time with AC Milan, talking to about his experience and fall-out with coach Stefano Pioli.

Dest stated, “I have faced difficult times at Milan.” This sentiment came even though he expressed happiness about being at his current club, PSV. He equated his situation to stepping back to move two steps forward. Despite enduring tough times at Milan, Dest maintained that he holds no grudges against coach Pioli, adding that “such things happen.”

“When I played, I don’t think I did badly!” Dest said, although he acknowledged some level of responsibility for his performance issues. “I too have faults, which I accept, just like him (Pioli). But these are things that are kept inside.”

Now with PSV, Dest confirmed that he does not follow AC Milan’s matches. He made it clear that his focus is solely on his current team, stating “AC Milan is in the past, I am only focused on PSV.”

This direct insight from Dest gives a glimpse into the struggles and adjustments players often have to make during their careers, revealing that difficult times at former clubs do not necessarily deter them from future success.

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