Condò: This year’s scudetto fight will be a duel

Well-known sports journalist Paolo Condò has spoken out about the tussle for the top spot in the Serie A championship in a conversation with Italian daily newspaper, La Repubblica.

Condò opens his discussion focusing on the additional pressure Juventus’ victory has imposed on Inter Milan, due to them grappling with critical player absences like Lautaro and Dimarco. These players are pivotal to the team’s performance, and a notable contrast is observed in the substitutes’ quality.

He comments, “Inter’s replacement for Carlos Augusto is close to the original player, but there’s a significant gap when it comes to the stand-in for Sanchez. Arnautovic is getting preferred over him. Arnautovic, when on the pitch, would typically replace Thuram.”

The journalist notes how Inter’s opposition, Lecce, was not a team to be taken lightly and indeed amplified problems for Inter in the second half. However, the saving grace came in the form of Arnautovic’s skillful play, assisted by Barella, that led Inter to eventually swing the game in their favour.

This performance, Condò believes, has brought Inter Milan and Juventus smack in the middle of a high-speed competition for the title. ” Inter and Juventus are moving at high speed because Inter has Spalletti’s Napoli points and Juventus has three more points than last year when they shared second place with Milan. What seemed like a three-way race last January quickly became a one-man show; this year will be a duel at most,” he adds.

The Serie A title this year, therefore, is likely to boil down to a face-off between Inter Milan and Juventus, according to Condò. The pace of the competition and the dynamic between these two teams is certainly something that fans of Italian football will eagerly watch.

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