Condò confident: Scudetto race now down to two teams

Italian football is becoming a two-horse race, according to Sky Sport journalist Paolo Condò. In an analysis published by La Repubblica, he dissected the Serie A title challenge between Inter Milan and Juventus.

He argued that Juventus’ recent victory has put additional pressure on Inter Milan. The absence of vital players like Lautaro Martinez and Federico Dimarco has complicated matters for head coach Simone Inzaghi, further exacerbated by the varying quality of their replacements.

“Carlos Augusto is the closest substitute to the key player,” he said before adding, “whereas Sanchez is the furthest. So much so that Arnautovic is preferred, who, in the doubles game, would be the replacement for Thuram.”

Condò suggested that Lecce, being comfortable in the league standings and packed with technically gifted runners, was a dangerous visitor. The second half of the game confirmed this by leaving Inter hanging uncomfortably on Jan Bisseck’s goal.

“Arnautovic’s feat, perfected by Barella, was liberating,” said Condò. He reaffirms that Inter and Juventus are speeding high as Inter has the points of Napoli’s Spalletti while Juventus has three more points compared to last year when they shared the second spot with Milan.

He concludes by stating that last year’s three-horse race quickly became a monologue, and this year, it will at best be a duel. The source of these quotes is La Repubblica, where Paolo Condò gave his analysis of the Serie A title race.

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