Christmas Dinner at Juve’s Home: Words from Allegri and Management

The festive season was in full swing at Juventus, with all the club’s staff gathering for the annual Christmas dinner. Key figures such as club senior executives, Massimiliano Allegri, Ferrero, Scanavino and Giuntoli took the opportunity to speak.

Ferrero, emotional and heartfelt, expressed, “This society is made up of many parts, many hearts, of which the biggest and most pulsating is you: our sponsors. I want to thank you for being here on this special night.” The 2023 season has been particularly significant for Juventus as this year marked the 100th anniversary of the Agnelli family’s ownership of the club. He emphatically stated the club is stronger than ever and expressed the desire to continue the club’s successful story.

Scanavino spoke about overcoming trials and tribulations during the past year. He pointed out that despite experiencing not-so-great moments, the club had managed to overcome all obstacles, thanks to a collective effort. News of a new project, spanning societal, sports and marketing aspects was shared by him to maintain the high ambitions in line with the grandeur of the club.

Respected club member, Giuntoli revealed what an honour it is for him to be part of the club. He took the time to thank the ownership and the CEO, Maurizio Scanavino for giving him the opportunity. Acknowledging the magnitude of responsibility that he holds, he promised to work tirelessly to restore the club to where it deserves to be. He also conveyed gratitude to Massimiliano Allegri for his hard work and praised the incredible team that Allegri has been cultivating.

Massimiliano Allegri himself spoke about the aim to elevate Juventus’ status once again. In particular, he emphasized the team’s goal to secure qualification for the next edition of the Champions League. Reflecting on the challenging season, he thanked all the staff at the Juventus Training Centre, Continassa, for enabling the team to perform at its best. He said he was proud to be part of “unique” Juventus for a decade, celebrating the club’s DNA, storied history, and dedication to upholding its values.

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