Chiesa reportedly hesitant about Roma move, despite their interest

The situation involving Chiesa, Juventus, and Roma is becoming clearer. For Juventus, he does not fit into their upcoming plans, while Roma is applying pressure, but he is biding his time.

In the past few hours, Chiesa’s agent met with Giuntoli. Juventus confirmed that the player is not part of Thiago Motta’s future plans.

The future of the former Fiorentina star now appears to be far from Turin.

According to recent reports, Roma are keenly interested in securing Chiesa’s services.

However, Chiesa is currently taking his time to consider his options before making a final decision.

A source close to the negotiations revealed, “He wants to weigh all possibilities to ensure the best choice for his career.”

Both Juventus and Roma are aware of Chiesa’s cautious approach and are prepared to wait for his final decision.

A spokesperson for Juventus said, “We respect Chiesa’s decision-making process and wish him the best, regardless of his final choice.”

Only time will tell where Chiesa will end up, but one thing is certain: his days at Juventus are numbered.

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