Chiellini retires, Bonucci message: We will work together again

Leonardo Bonucci, a defender for Union Berlin, has sent a personal message to his former teammate Giorgio Chiellini following his retirement from football.

According to Calcio News 24, Bonucci had this to say about Chiellini’s new chapter, “Dear Giorgio, life is strange. We’ve spent an endless amount of time together and only today have I discovered that 19 was your first number worn, what a trick fate plays.”

Bonucci, a believer in the power of numbers, pointed out Chiellini’s scepticism about such superstitions. “We are different in many things, everyone knows that, and I add, thankfully! It was this difference that made us inseparable, not just on the football field.”

The Union Berlin defender lauded Chiellini as ‘diplomatic’, stating, “you are a ready and complete executive, and you will demonstrate it, I hope soon, because it is your dream.”

The full content of his tribute to Chiellini can be found on Juventus News 24.

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