Chiellini on retirement: No going back. And on the future…

Former Juventus defender, Giorgio Chiellini, appeared on Sky Sport’s Club after the Lazio Inter match. On the show, he discussed his retirement from professional football and his future plans as a director.

About his retirement, Chielloni was adamant, saying: “I have completely stopped; I’m certain there’s no going back. I thought it over for a while, waited until the last moment, and after a deep breath and a discussion with my family, I realized that it was the right time.” The former Juventus star spoke candidly about his decision, revealing his certainty that his playing days were definitively over.

On the topic of referees and VAR, Chiellini surprisingly offered some leniency. He stated that referees are not solely responsible for the outcome of a game and should be seen as a support. He underlined the importance of placing trust in them and appreciating their explanations. The former player admitted that mistakes will always be there but hinted that there was a journey to improvement.

As for his future as a director, Chiellini expressed his interest, but also his awareness of not yet being ready for the role. He said, “It would be nice to be a director, but I wouldn’t be ready just yet. As recently as a week ago, I was playing a final. My mind was there, aware it was the last one. For everything else, it takes time and commitment. If these two features are in place, it’s a good start.” The former player displayed a realistic mindset, dismissing the idea of an immediate transition from player to director.

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