Chiellini on future: Not yet decided, coaching role unlikely

Former Juventus defender, Giorgio Chiellini, has bid adieu to his football career, as per an interview published in Italian newspaper La Stampa.

Chiellini responded to criticism directed towards Manager Allegri’s style of play. “These are the usual arguments,” he continued, “There’s a time when people say we play well, and another when they say we play badly.” Reminiscing about a contentious game against Napoli, he told La Stampa, “I understand it to an extent, as there’s always a strong desire for change when dominance is too significant.”

He also reminisced the time when Juventus won the league under Conte in 2011/12 adding, “It’s physiological, we were liked because we hadn’t won for a long time and the Milanese had celebrated a lot,” conveying a sense of cyclical nature of fan opinion.

When asked about Juventus’ chances for the title this season, Chiellini noted, “They are having an important season, and the art of defence has been revived…” inferring that Juventus has shown significant progress.

Regarding his future, Chiellini admitted, “I haven’t decided what I will do yet, but I don’t think I’ll be a coach.” In response to a query about the possibility of serving in the national team, he dismissed it light-heartedly pointing out the National team is in good hands with Gigi Buffon. “The National team is in good hands,” he said.

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