Champions League: Referee appointments for Napoli and Inter matches

UEFA has announced the appointment of referee teams to officiate the upcoming Champions League matches featuring Napoli and Inter Milan. These key fixtures are scheduled for Tuesday evening.

Slavko Vinčić of Slovenia will lead the charge as the main referee for the Napoli against Braga match. His team will include fellow Slovenian officials Tomaž Klančnik and Andraž Kovačič as assistants. David Šmajc, also from Slovenia, will serve as the Fourth Official. The Video Assistant Referee (VAR) duties will be handled by Nejc Kajtazovic of Slovenia, while Rob Dieperink from the Netherlands has been appointed as the Assistant VAR (AVAR).

The Inter Milan vs Real Sociedad clash will be governed by Swiss referee Sandro Schärer. His team will comprise of two Swiss assistants, Bekim Zogaj and Jonas Erni. The duty of Fourth Official will be assumed by Swiss official Lionel Tschudi. The VAR system will be overseen by another Swiss official, Fedayi San. The AVAR for the match will be France’s Benoît Millot.

The UEFA officials will be handling these officiating duties according to UEFA norms to ensure fair play and sportsmanship in these Champions League fixtures.

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