Ceferin: Footballers must be role models

UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin has spoken out about the issue of match-fixing, stating that players should serve as role models for behavior. Speaking at the Francoforte Book Fair, Ceferin answered questions from LaPresse regarding the match-fixing scandal and Italy’s uncertain qualification for Euro 2024.

Ceferin expressed his belief that football players should set an example of good behavior, although he acknowledged that not all players do so. He stressed the importance of players acting responsibly both on and off the pitch.

Turning his attention to Italy’s Euro 2024 qualification, Ceferin stated that it is crucial for the Italian national team to secure their place in the tournament. He emphasized that failure to qualify would be a disaster, given the significant role and history of Italian football.

When asked about the upcoming match against Ukraine, Ceferin expressed his confidence in an Italian victory. He believes that Italy will indeed qualify for Euro 2024, but acknowledged the challenge they will face against a tough opponent.

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