Cassano slams Giulini as “shameful,” claims Cagliari not suitable for Serie A

Antonio Cassano, former footballer, has spoken out about the start of the season for Cagliari in Serie A. In an interview with BoboTv, Cassano expressed his opinions about the team’s performance and the challenges they face.

Cassano criticized the management decisions made by president Tommaso Giulini and coach Claudio Ranieri, stating, “Giulini has no alternatives, Ranieri brought them to Serie A but made a shameful transfer window.” He specifically mentioned the unfortunate injury of Gianluca Lapadula and the signing of Andrea Petagna, saying, “They made a team with players from Serie B like Jankto and Petagna, where are they going? They just got promoted to Serie B last season.”

Cassano expressed doubt about the quality of the current Cagliari squad, remarking, “In Cagliari, besides Nandez who gives his all, I don’t see players who can compete in Serie A. Pavoletti has been sidelined for three years, he occasionally comes on as a substitute, and I don’t see any alternatives. It’s a complicated situation.”

When asked about the possibility of changing the coach, Cassano questioned the available options, stating, “And who would you bring in? It would take a miracle.”

These comments from Cassano highlight the concerns he has about Cagliari’s performance and the challenges they face in Serie A. Fans and supporters of the team will be hoping for improvements as the season progresses.

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