Casarin: Referees in a period of confusion, less arrogance is needed

Former referee Paolo Casarin has expressed concern over the use of the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) and the performance of referees in Serie A in an interview on Rai Radio 1’s ‘Radio Anch’Io Sport’.

Casarin gave a critical assessment of the use of VAR in Serie A. He stated that referees are currently experiencing a period of confusion and that VAR has complicated matters instead of simplifying them.

“It would be interesting to speak with the two referees. Fabbri was well-positioned but did not intervene, while Nasca at the VAR should have alerted his colleague to a clear and objective error,” Casarin said on the radio program. He added that while referees can make mistakes or miss incidents, those at VAR, who have more information available, should not ignore these errors.

According to Casarin, this corrective action isn’t being taken. He remarked, “It seems like everyone is minding their own business.”

Casarin emphasised the need to empower referees to review decisions and called for less presumption in decision-making processes. His remarks come amidst ongoing debates around VAR’s efficacy and its impact on football.

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