Carrera: Vlahovic had more balls at Fiorentina, Gatti is the new Chiellini

Massimo Carrera, a former Juventus player and coach, has praised the team’s performance this season in an interview with Corriere della Sera.

Carrera, who once managed the team during Antonio Conte’s suspension, attributed Juventus’ strong position to the unity and commitment of the players and manager Allegri. Although he acknowledged that the team struggled to score and lacked a dynamic style of play, he commended their strong defence. He stated, “With the strength of a very united group, the players and Allegri are doing a great job.”

He also commented on Inter Milan’s strength, particularly noting the influence of Lautaro Martinez and Marcus Thuram. “The Nerazzurri have Lautaro Martinez, who makes the difference. And Thuram is a great striker,” he told Corriere della Sera.

Carrera discussed Dusan Vlahovic’s inconsistent performance, commenting the player had more opportunities in Fiorentina as the game revolved around him. However, he was positive about Vlahovic’s quality and future given his youth, saying “There are certain negative moments that strikers go through, but Dusan has a lot of quality. And his young age works in his favour.”

Juventus’s new defender Gatti was compared to Chiellini by the former coach. In Carrera’s opinion, Gatti, just like Chiellini, has shown great promise and has adapted well to the reality of Juventus. Maintaining high levels of performance, he believes, is the most challenging task, yet not an impossible one for Gatti.

Considering the prospect of Conte’s return, he said he truly had no idea and that the question would better be posed to Conte himself. Given the considerable changes in Juventus’ management since Conte’s departure, Carrera suggested the possibility of a new encounter could exist.

The interview serves to provide an insight into the former Juventus coach’s thoughts on the team’s performance and potential areas for improvement.

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