Carlo Verdone: Both Vlahovic heading to Juve and Lukaku to Roma worked out well

Carlo Verdone, an ardent fan of Roma football club and known for liberally spreading references to football in his films and TV series, has shared his thoughts on the looming clash with Juventus, speaking to La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Reflecting on whether he would rather live through 2023 again as himself or as Roma, Verdone stated, “I would choose mine. The second season of ‘Vita da Carlo’ reached impressive numbers, better than the first. The great satisfaction is to have done well for the first time on Paramount+, a young platform. I’m already filming the third season and the fourth will be my last. As for Roma’s 2023, it’s been fluctuating – games we shouldn’t have lost and triumphs like the one against Napoli.”

Furthermore, when asked whether Mourinho will remain with Roma, Verdone believes, “It depends on the Champions qualification, the signings…” He added, “What can one say to Mou: he fills the Olympic stadium, loves Roma and we love him. If he doesn’t stay, I would like De Zerbi.”

While he has not dined with Mourinho yet, Verdone revealed he wouldn’t ask questions about Roma if he did. Instead, from his interest in the football manager’s career, he said, “Rather, I would be curious to know more about his career, the champions he has coached… And above all the man José, a born actor. Mou has unique characteristics. If you recruit him he has to play the Mourinho role in a film, he could not play the part of someone’s brother…”

Discussing who should start in the game today, Verdone is resolute. “Sure. I think Paulo will be there and won’t miss the challenge against Juve. Dybala brings joy when he’s in form. Lukaku is essential: powerful, fast, defends on his own, scores. Let’s hope we can enjoy Romelu also next year. He reminds me a bit of John Charles.”

Regarding speculation about Lukaku moving to Juventus, Verdone seems content with the status quo, stating, “I think it went better this way for everyone. Juventus kept Vlahovic, young and strong. And we hold on to Lukaku.”

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