Caressa: Milan treating Pioli with disrespect

Renowned journalist Fabio Caressa has spoken out about the recent performances of Stefano Pioli’s AC Milan, in comments made to Sky Sport.

Caressa expressed his discontent about how he believes Pioli is being treated. He didn’t point fingers at the club, but rather proposed that, in general, there appears to be a lack of respect for Pioli.

In a candid refutation, he said, “I heard a question that made me quite angry yesterday.” He referred to an instance where Pioli was asked if he had been in contact with an executive spending Christmas in Miami with Massimo Boldi, an allusion to a popular Italian holiday film.

He did not hide his irritation, sharing that if he were Pioli, he would have retorted: “Do you really think I need to hear from someone who’s doing bicycle kicks on the beach in Miami?”

He concluded by showing his respect for Zlatan Ibrahimović, though he appeared a bit irritated in his remarks.

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