Capuano: Inzaghi deserves criticism, Pioli in

Football journalist Antonio Capuano scrutinised the performances of both Inter Milan and AC Milan following the latest round of Champion’s League matches in his column on

Capuano casts Inzaghi’s missing first place in the group as a significant downside amidst a notable season. He contended that AC Milan’s demotion to the Europa League should be classified as a setback rather than a success, contrary to some impressions.

Antonio Capuano, speaking on, said: “Then we’ll try to say that Inzaghi has missed an important and reachable goal by failing the top spot in the group and that Milan’s relegation to the Europa League is a relegation, not a success.”

However, Capuano also found praise for Pioli, the coach he believed had found a way to perform well even when under pressure. He suggested that although Pioli might not be favourably received by Milan’s supporters, his ability to always find an ‘exit route’ when cornered deserves commendation.

He stated that Pioli merits continued support, at least for this time, transforming the atmosphere into a Pioli In. Simultaneously, Inzaghi deserves some criticism alongside applause for his efforts.

Capuano added: “Pioli, at least this time, deserves a Pioli In. And Inzaghi deserves a critique, not just applause.”

In the final remarks of his column, Capuano recognised the work Allegri is doing with a mid-level Juventus without reproaching him for aesthetics not being at a peak. This serves as a nod towards the argument that the end can justify the means in football management strategy.

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