Capuano: Coaching is a vocation like priesthood, discusses Allegri and Mourinho

Eziolino Capuano, the coach of Taranto, recently talked about his coaching career and shared some interesting insights about Massimiliano Allegri and Jose Mourinho in an interview with Corriere dello Sport.

He said: “I am who I am and I stand by it. The media attention hasn’t always been helpful to me, but I’ve managed to make a good life for myself. I have a wonderful family, I have earned well and I’ve done what I wanted, followed my vocation; because being a coach is like being a priest.”

Capuano also expressed admiration for both Allegri and Mourinho. He described them as ‘intellectual giants’ and confessed enjoying personalities that could enrich him. He is familiar with Allegri since the latter’s early days.

Regarding Mourinho, Capuano shared a memory of their first meeting at Appiano Gentile, during Mourinho’s successful triple crown year. He called Mourinho “the smartest in the world”. However, the Taranto coach highlighted his close relation with Antonio Conte and his affection towards Roberto De Zerbi, likening the latter to a son.

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