Capello on Milan’s Ibra: Clarity on His Role Not Yet Apparent

Former AC Milan manager Fabio Capello has expressed uncertainty on Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s return to the Rossoneri’s executive team. Speaking at SkySport, Capello queried the role Ibrahimovic will be playing within the squad.

The former coach stated that the announcement from the club was drafted in a convoluted language, leaving unclear, the precise duties and responsibilities that Ibrahimovic will assume. According to Capello, the declaration seemed to serve as an alert to all parties involved instead of providing clarity.

“Ibra will be able to make a difference? But where? In the market or as a PR? It won’t be easy to manage because the Swedish always wants to be decisive,” Capello was quoted as saying on SkySport.

It, therefore, remains to be seen how Ibrahimovic’s role at Milan will pan out and impact the team going forward.

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