Capello: Ibra’s return to Milan could be a negative move for Pioli

Former manager Fabio Capello has offered his thoughts on Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s return to Milan in an interview with Sky Sport.

Capello stated: “Ibra is an intelligent man, he can play a decisive role at certain times and in certain situations.” And yet, Capello raised the question of impact on club stability: “When he arrived at Milan as a player, he was in the dressing room. Now will he be in the dressing room? Can he voice something? Can he help Pioli?”

The well-known tactician then posed a crucial question about possible downsides to Ibrahimovic’s return. He puts forward concerns that there may be a negative impact on Milan’s current manager, Stefano Pioli: “It could be a negative move for Pioli who could lose his leadership.”

However, Capello did not fail to mention the other side of the coin too, suggesting that Ibrahimovic’s return could potentially spur on both staff and players to strive for exceptional results.

Further, Capello emphasized the possible move from the management’s side, aiming to fill the gap left by the absence of seasoned on-pitch veterans like Maldini and Massara. Yet, he asserts, “I believe he can fulfil this role, but he also needs to apprentice a bit; he cannot jump headlong into Milan, but must enter with great caution and with the support of the club.”

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