Capello Confidently Reveals Who Juve Needs to Triumph Again

Former manager Fabio Capello has spoken about Juventus’s upcoming transfer moves. In a recent interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport, Capello has claimed that Juventus will need to secure four quality signings in order to seriously compete with Inter in the coming season.

“Juventus will need four quality signings to challenge Inter for the title next season,” Capello told La Gazzetta dello Sport. “The Nerazzurri are 20 points ahead of the Bianconeri in the rankings.” The gap in performance between the two teams, it seems, has the former coach concerned about Juventus’s prospects in the upcoming season.

Capello’s remarks suggest a somewhat uncertain future for Juventus, highlighting the team’s need to strengthen its squad in the transfer market. If the team does fail to secure at least four high-profile signings, they may have difficulty narrowing the gap with Inter. It’s safe to say that the coming transfer season is a crucial one for Juventus.

All eyes will now be on Juventus to see how they respond to Capello’s advice.

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