Cannavaro says Italy no longer produces champions – it’s a problem

Former defender and coach, Fabio Cannavaro, has spoken to Ansa about the situation of the Italian national team. According to Cannavaro, “The system has not worked in recent years. We need to find new solutions and understand why we are not producing as many champions, why it is so difficult to qualify for a World Cup, why we risk not qualifying for the European Championship, things that were once normal for us.”

Cannavaro also expressed concerns about the changing sporting landscape, saying, “There are certainly many other sports that young people are now practicing, and there are also fewer children being born. There are many things to reflect on, but it is not up to me, but to those who govern football, to understand what needs to be changed.”

The former World Cup winner highlighted the importance of hard work and dedication in the sport, saying, “I think that those who do my job always try to reach the maximum level. We need to work, study, and update ourselves, and then we will see what will happen in the future.”

It seems that Cannavaro is urging for a re-evaluation of the current state of Italian football in order to find solutions and bring the national team back to its former glory. This is a sentiment shared by many fans and analysts. Only time will tell if the Italian football authorities will take heed of this advice and make the necessary changes.

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