Campos Selects Leao as Mbappé’s PSG Successor

Rafael Leao, the dynamic Portuguese talent, is reportedly on Paris Saint-Germain’s (PSG) radar should Kylian Mbappe choose to exit the French capital. Campos, who initially brought Leao to Lille years ago, has apparently put the player at the top of his wish list as they might be set for a reunion in Paris.

This would potentially prompt a string of offers in excess of €100 million for AC Milan. While nothing is confirmed yet, Milan could possibly consider the sale of Leao in the summer transfer window should the player express a desire to move on. As of now, the Portuguese forward has not signalled such a decision. However, the final call would greatly depend on the sort of offer he receives. The revelation was made by Corriere dello Sport.

Please note that these are speculations and updates will be provided as further developments occur in the transfer window.

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