Calzona Recommends Hancko to Napoli: Learn About the Scoring Defender

Everything you need to know about David Hancko, the Slovakian central defender pegged out for a potential move to Napoli, has been revealed. The news is gathered from a report in La Gazzetta dello Sport today. Napoli are on the lookout for a robust defender to fill the gap left by Koulibaly and later by Kim Min-Jae in the centre of their defence.

Offering his advice, Calzona has tipped Hancko as the perfect successor. “Napoli needs a strong defender,” Calzona is quoted as saying in the report, advocating strongly for Hancko’s recruitment.

However, it should be emphasised that, at this point, these remain speculative, and no official announcements have been made by either Napoli or Hancko’s current club.

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