Calvarese analyses Juve Napoli: Orsato is the best in Europe

Former referee Gianpaolo Calvarese has shared his analysis of Daniele Orsato’s officiating during the recent Serie A match between Juventus and Napoli, in an interview with Tuttosport.

Calvarese hailed Orsato as “the best referee in Europe at the moment”, considering the decline of rivals like Marciniak, Turpin and Gil Manzano. He praised Orsato for his performance in what he described as a difficult match, owing to its historic rivalry and current standing. This was alongside recent controversies making the game even more challenging.

Calvarese acknowledged that despite the pointless criticism Orsato faced after his appointment, he did not make any mistakes during the match at the Stadium. Explaining this, he noted “despite superficial criticism following his designation, he made no mistakes at the Stadium. This game was played at high speeds and remained on edge.”

Two significant incidents stood out in Calvarese’s analysis. The first involved a non-existent offside call on Di Lorenzo’s shot that was saved by Szczęsny. The assistant referee mistook Bremer’s header as a deflection, which Calvarese clarified as a play. He was certain about Gatti’s subsequent touch as a diversion.

The second incident involved Juventus appealing for a penalty for a suspected handball by Di Lorenzo on Bremer’s header in Napoli’s area. Calvarese commented that the defender’s arm movement was congruent with the dynamics of the play, and since Di Lorenzo was facing away, there were no grounds for punishment.

In terms of disciplinary actions, Calvarese considered the issued yellow cards appropriate. He felt that a warning for Bremer was sufficient, stating that “there was no violence in the gesture”.

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